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The Artasia Gallery has the vision of creating a new scene for the Philippine arts across Asia and the world. We believe in the innovative creativity of artists as well as their capacity to change the world through their expressions. Our institution holds exhibitions, events and opportunities for the artist community every year.

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Louie Ignacio – Outpourings Exhibit Opening Night


Artasia Gallery would like to thank Director Louie Ignacio for a wonderful exhibit and opening last monday. Breathtaking was the display of artistic paintings hoisted across the widely covered panel walls. Sir Ignacio’s demeanor was also very light-hearted and cheerful -It made more for the personal dream-like feel of the entire artwalk. Each masterpiece was carefully crafted by this visionary director and took its place among the memories of friends, family and colleagues. Never has there been a more exuberant night, filled with cheery laughter and much creative talk.


With the guests pouring in, Sir Ignacio graciously entertained them with his intuitive flair and persona. Alongside the unveiling of the exhibit, speeches were given by a couple of people, together with an interpretive presentation that delightfully conveyed to everyone, a curiously imaginative side to compliment what they viewed. 


We wish him all the best and hope the guests enjoyed the evening. In as much as it was new to him, it was also a unique experience for us as a gallery.

Meanwhile, please feel free to view the pictures we’ve put up from the opening night.








Louie Ignacio – “Outpourings”

Louie Ignacio – Outpourings – First One-Man Exhibit at The Artasia Gallery

Louie Ignacio - Outpourings

Louie Ignacio - Outpourings

The Artasia invites you to attent the first one man show of sir Louie Ignacio entitled “Outpourings” on February 16, 2009. The cocktails and opening will be at 6:30pm at the gallery premises. Our location is at the SM Megamall Artwalk, fourth floor, building A. This will be an onging exhibit till February 28, 2009.

Welcome to the Artasia Gallery

T H E   F I N E   A R T S

In pursuit of a globalized Filipino identity, the gallery exhibits a diverse mastery of visual expression drawn together from several artistic authors of taste. Artists uniquely refined in their craft, coupled with emerging talent from unfolding generations of Filipino creativity constitute the reservoir of exhibitions held during each season.

T H E   S T U D I O

The ARTASIA is currently home to the gallery’s in-house sculptors. Together, led by noted artist Seb Chua, we build on the foundations of modern art by setting both a sense of aesthetic identity and distinction at the center of our working themes.
We envision the opportunity to collaborate with outside minds to pursue a wide array of projects that suit the demand of today’s visionary society.
Modern casting facilities and metal foundries located within the atelier, along with a selected range of mediums and materials, create the ideal setup for developing caliber works of different styles and variety. The studio maintains a client base comprised of acclaimed universities, businesses and personalities alike.
Working with a multitude of ideas, we create limitless possibilities for individuals and institutions that want to frame the fruit of their imagination, making it something to cherish and remember for decades to come.