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The Artasia Gallery has the vision of creating a new scene for the Philippine arts across Asia and the world. We believe in the innovative creativity of artists as well as their capacity to change the world through their expressions. Our institution holds exhibitions, events and opportunities for the artist community every year.

Louie Ignacio – Outpourings Exhibit Opening Night


Artasia Gallery would like to thank Director Louie Ignacio for a wonderful exhibit and opening last monday. Breathtaking was the display of artistic paintings hoisted across the widely covered panel walls. Sir Ignacio’s demeanor was also very light-hearted and cheerful -It made more for the personal dream-like feel of the entire artwalk. Each masterpiece was carefully crafted by this visionary director and took its place among the memories of friends, family and colleagues. Never has there been a more exuberant night, filled with cheery laughter and much creative talk.


With the guests pouring in, Sir Ignacio graciously entertained them with his intuitive flair and persona. Alongside the unveiling of the exhibit, speeches were given by a couple of people, together with an interpretive presentation that delightfully conveyed to everyone, a curiously imaginative side to compliment what they viewed. 


We wish him all the best and hope the guests enjoyed the evening. In as much as it was new to him, it was also a unique experience for us as a gallery.

Meanwhile, please feel free to view the pictures we’ve put up from the opening night.









  artasiagallery wrote @

To all our friends and special guests who came to the event.Thank you so much for making the opening night of Direk Louie Ignacio 1st solo exhibit a big success!! – SEB

  Vin E. wrote @

Great exhibit! Fantastic works of art by Direk Louie. 🙂 Kaya lang, wala ako diyan sa pictures. huhu 😦

  0625 wrote @

what can i say?? the pics say it all….congrats seb and to direk louie too! an evening of glitter and laughter…..i missed joey de leon :p…I really wanted to have a photo op with him but…..shy ako eh, hehehe… time naman sama mo ko sa photo op uh 🙂

  artasiagallery wrote @

Thanks for yr comments Arvin and sa support .Appreciate it..Sorry I was not able to go to yr CCP awarding last night.Need to go to a meeting.Thanks for the invite anyway..

  armida francisco wrote @

Congratulations! Direk Louie..aside from all the talents you have,you are so down-to-earth good with everyone…i really love all your pieces..amazing works!..I’m so proud of you,Direk…

  j.dizon wrote @

Fantastic and powerful..very creative!! congratz to sir loui and sir seb

  artasiagallery wrote @

Thanks for the support and the comments!!

  Fidel Sarmiento wrote @

Congratulations Direk LOUIE !
Congrats ARTASIA !
Great work of ART !

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