The Artasia Gallery

The Artasia Gallery has the vision of creating a new scene for the Philippine arts across Asia and the world. We believe in the innovative creativity of artists as well as their capacity to change the world through their expressions. Our institution holds exhibitions, events and opportunities for the artist community every year.

Seb Chua – Art for Life

Seb Chua’s Unicef Sculpture; “Mother and Child” and the theme of change in “Art for Life”.



Seb Chua, a resident sculptor from the Artasia Group created a one of a kind opportunity for support of children in the Philippines. In a collaborative project with Unicef, a worldwide organization on human welfare, he poured his efforts onto the making of a great piece; “Mother’s Love”. With this, he was able to produce a limited series for purchase. Not long after, it garnered the support and participation of hundreds through the gallery launch and selling. The profits from this series went directly to the support of Unicef’s causes around the country. In this light, art became a means for change rather than just a wallflower. Through an endeavor like this, the artist wished to inspire the fellows of his community to be both innovative and giving towards the dream of supporting life, and at the same time doing what you love. The main original piece is currently set at the Unicef headquarters at the Yuchengco Building in Makati City. In the artist’s own words, he hopes for it to act as a reminder to people about their duties and obligations towards others in society, most especially children.


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